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Yesterday LL Cool J, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Busta Rhymes and Mary J. Blige were among the extended family members who helped lay hip-hop manager Chris Lighty to rest (Wednesday) at his funeral in Manhattan. An emotional LL — who had once been a client of Lighty’s — told MTV News after the service that his former manager was a “jewel” and a “treasured person in the community.” The rapper added that Lighty was an “architect of our culture,” but he was also a friend. During the ceremony, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes and other artists also shared their personal memories of Lighty. The 44-year-old died last Thursday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

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Powerbelt Bullets Test

After buying a new Remington 700 MLS 50 caliber rifle a few years ago, . or a muzzleloader), so based on his recommendation, I tried some Powerbelt Bullets. . And for Ballistics Junkies like me, they have provided ballistics tables for all the .

Powerbelt Muzzleloading Bullets Review | Big Game Hunt

Aug 2, 2011 . Copper series Powerbelt Aerotip 50 cal in 245gr. . However keep in mind that when dealing with a muzzleloader, ballistic performance is not .

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Bass Pro Shops - PowerBelt® Aerotip™ Bullets customer reviews ...

Barnes Expander MZ™ Muzzleloader Bullets (5) . PowerBelt™ Bullets are the most advanced muzzleloading projectiles ever developed with all of the . Called T/C and Powerbelt with results and chart of each shot. . 50 cal. Powerbelt bullet as several of my hunting buddies and I have the Nikon "Omega" ML scope and it .


PowerBelt Hollow Point Copper .50 Caliber 245-Grain Muzzleloader ...

PowerBelt Hollow Point Copper .50 Caliber 245-Grain Muzzleloader Ammunition . .50 caliber; 245 grains; 20-round box; Hollow Point copper-plated tip .


Thompson Center Omega & CVA Optima – Muzzleloader Head to ...

Oct 14, 2012 . We fired just over 50 rounds through both guns using Hodgdon Triple Se7en . Powerbelts are 1/1000th under bore diameter, not .45 cal like the sabots. . over . 44 magnum ballistics, compared to .444 Marlin ballistcs at 150 grains. . Couple all of that with the fact that you can have a muzzleloader shipped .

Battle Of The In-lines New muzzleloaders face off at the range ...

Because muzzleloader breeches need a fairly large hole to send the flame to the powder, . All of them were .50-caliber and were fitted with nipples or breech plugs that use . Five bullet styles ranging in weight from 240 to 350 grains were used in this test [see chart]. . Muzzle Velocity (fps) POWER BELT 250-GRAIN 1,790 .

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Muzzleloader Bullets - Cabela's

Sabots, Muzzleloading Bullets . PowerBelt™ AeroTip™ Copper Plated Bullets at Cabela's . Cabela's Muzzleloader Starter Kit – .50 Caliber at Cabela's .

CVA Accura V2 Muzzleloader/Scope/Case Combo – Stainless ...

Using 295-grain .50-cal. Powerbelt® bullets with white hots powder. Very happy with the gun. Recommend getting the Cabela's .50-caliber Muzzleloader .


Testimonials - R&P Muzzleloading, muzzleloading bullets ...

This deer I recently took during muzzleloader season using a CVA 50. cal inline using your .25 ACP breech plug system. The bullet was a 245gr.Barnes spitfire.


Muzzleloading-Ballistic Products

Ballistic Products. Catalog Request 1(888)273-5623. Facebook .


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Success Stories - Hodgdon

I was using a Traditions Vortec 50-caliber muzzleloader with 100 grains of Triple Seven pellets followed by a Hornady SST-ML 300 grain sabot. I made a clean .

Powerbelt Bullets-Ballistic Products

PowerBelt Bullets 15 pk .50 Cal. 245 gr. Copper, AeroTip. The most advanced muzzleloading bullets ever developed. Does not require cleaning after every shot .

CVA Accura® MR Mountain Rifle Muzzleloader/Konus Scope and ...

PowerBelt™ Copper Plated and Pure Lead Hollow Point Bullets } Hodgdon® Triple Se7en® Pellets - .50 Caliber } Quake® Claw™ Muzzleloader Sling with .


CVA Muzzleloading Accessories-Ballistic Products

Ballistic Products. Catalog Request 1(888)273-5623. Facebook .

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Success Stories - IMR

I've attached a image of yesterdays last two hand at 50 yards. . I've depended on Hodgdon family of propellants for all my muzzleloader hunting since the . Nosler Ballistic tip loaded with 39 gr. of IMR 3031. . to see how many North American big game animals I can shoot with my Encore pistol in .50 cal.


How much power from the rifles?

Add these velocities and the correct ballistic coefficient and you will get . Right off hand I would say the 50 cal round ball would be below 200 foot lbs at 200 yards. . I know a 405 gr. .50 Powerbelt hollow point will go clear through and . The difference between modern bullets and muzzleloader bullets is .

Examining Variability Associated With Bullet Fragmentation And

ballistic gelatin would have been cost-prohibitive and/or delayed . For the muzzleloader, we used a .50 caliber, 100 grains of powder (2, 50 grain Hodgdon . >5 inches for all bullet types except the Barnes TSX and the Powerbelt (Table 4 ).

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FAQ - White Muzzleloading

Table Of Contents . I use 50-140 cases, which hold 140 grains of BP with a short 450 grain bullet. . If you will be using a large caliber anyway, in addition to the muzzleloader, then . The White Muzzleloading System design-integrates both rifle and bullet, with emphasis on the heavier bullets with better Ballistic Coefficient.

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Powerbelt Muzzleloading Bullets 50 Cal 295 Grain Hollow Point ...

Powerbelt Muzzleloading Bullets 50 Caliber 295 Grain Hollow Point Pack of 20 . Muzzle Loader Originals Shooting Patches 50 Through 59 Caliber .010" Thickness Pre-Lubricated . Ballistic Coefficient: .168. Application Charts & Information .

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